The work Dona Lucilia, according to Rev. Fr. Antonio Royo Marin, is “an authentic and complete Life of Dona Lucilia on par with the finest ‘Lives of the Saints’ that have appeared to this day.”

Dona Lucilia in Paris“Particularly noteworthy is its invaluable written correspondence between Dona Lucilia and her children (…). In her magnificent letters, Dona Lucilia frequently expresses such sublime spiritual truths that the reader experiences sentiments similar to those produced by the inimitable epistolary writing of St. Teresa of Avila.

“For this very reason, I dare to frame in concrete terms a question that naturally and clearly comes to mind with the reading of this marvellous Life of Dona Lucilia: Was Dona Lucilia a true saint, in the full sense of the word? Or, to put it differently, did her Christian virtues reach the heroic degree indispensably required for a person to be recognized by the Church with beatification and canonization?

“In view of the rigorously historical data that this biography offers us in such abundance, I dare to answer, without the least hesitation, with a resounding yes.

“Far be it from me to ridiculously and irreverently presume to place myself ahead of the infallible judgment of the Church! The role that befits me is to present an opinion that is totally sincere, but completely fallible. We can always err; the Church never does. (…)

“The final word belongs to the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the infallible mistress of the truth. But to us falls the sweet duty and the sacred right to humbly beseech Divine Providence to heed our heartfelt petition, for the glory of God and the great good of souls.”

(Excerpts from the preface of Rev. Fr. Antonio Royo Marín, OP)